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Here’s a video in English and Arabic showing how to access all of your online resources for this school year on your Chromebook.  All you need is your GEE email address and password.

2023-2024 School Year Calendar 

2023-2024 GSRP Academy Calendar

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Wayne Metro Cares- Relief & Support Flyer
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  • Strategies to communicate to parents and staff i.e., Informational Meetings, Letters home, Website Posting, etc.

          Letters were sent to the families, posted information regarding water quality in schools on the school website, and answered questions brought up by families.

  • Next steps if water test results reveal higher than acceptable levels of copper and/or lead


    1. Provide Academies with bottled water or install water bottle filling stations with lead filters to ensure all students, staff and visitors/family members are drinking safe water
    1. Shut down any fountains, sinks, etc affected with Lead/Copper and put up signs where necessary
    1. Continue to flush all water systems
    1. Inspect all water systems throughout the year
  1. Educate students and their families on the water quality issues across the state and in their community

      Resource Links:

DEQ- School Drinking Water Testing

3Ts for Reducing Lead in Drinking Water Toolkit

Drinking Water Requirements in States

Lead in Water Effects

Lead in Water-Washtenaw County

Lead in Water-Wayne County

Global Educational Excellence is committed to the health and safety of all students and staff in and around our Academies. We will continue to monitor the quality of the water levels to ensure the wellbeing of our community is being upheld.  

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